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Olympic Weightlifting
How to Snatch

Powerlifting Bench Press

The snatch is the first lift performed in all Olympic weightlifting competitions. Each lifter has three attempts. The sum of your best snatch is and best clean-and-jerk is your total. In competition, the weight on the bar can only move up in weight in increments of 2.5 kg (5 1/2 lbs.).

It is suggested that you find someone in your area that is a Weightlifting Coach, so he or she can properly show you how to perform each of the lifts.

Snatch Weightlifting Video Clip

With the bar on the platform, the athlete stands over the barbell, looks down and lines the bar over the balls of the feet. The feet should be hip width or slightly wider apart. The lifter assumes the starting position by bending the knees and lowering the hips and gripping the barbell with a wide grip.

The grip should be wide enough to allow the lifter to do a full squat with the bar at arms length overhead. In the starting position, the shoulders should be over the bar and the back arched tightly.

To start the pull, the athlete pushes their feet though the floor. As the barbell reaches knee height, the back stays arched and maintains the same angle to the floor as in the starting position.

When the barbell passes the knees the athlete vigorously raises the shoulders keeping the bar as close to the legs as possible.

When the bar passes the upper thighs it should touch the thighs. At this point the lifter drives with the legs in a vertical jumping motion and finishes the extension of the body.

When the body is extended the lifter shrugs their shoulders and starts pulling with the arms, still keeping the barbell close to the body. (This is accomplished by lifting the elbows out to the side, keeping them over the bar as long as possible.) From this position the lifter aggressively pulls the body under the bar.

The lifter catches the bar at arms length as he moves into the squat position.

As soon as the barbell is fixed on locked out arms in the squat position, the athlete stands up and the lift is complete.

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