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Powerlifting Bench Press Techniques

Powerlifting is a relatively new sport that is taking off around the world. The first World Championships took place in the early nineteen-seventies. There are three lifts performed with a bar-bell that are similar to lifts used by many weight-trainers. The idea is simple - to lift as much as possible, and you have three attempts on each lift.

Lift No 1 - The Squat                        

(Formerly known as the "Deep Knee Bend"). With the bar across the shoulders, the lifter bends his legs until the tops of the thighs are below the tops of the knees, i.e. beyond parallel with the floor.  The lifter must then return to an upright position.

Lift No 2 - The Bench Press                    

The bar is presented to the lifter by two side spotters.  The lifter then awaits the referees signal to begin the lift, at which time the lifter lowers the bar until it touches the chest.  The bar must pause on the chest before being pressed back up. (There are also Bench Press only competitions, leading to British, European and World Championships).

Lift No 3 - The Dead-Lift                    

The bar is pulled from the floor until you are standing upright with the knees locked.

Compared to Weightlifting, as seen at the Olympic Games, Powerlifting is not dynamic. It relies much more on the lifter's static strength and control. Training on the lifts helps gain the strength required in many other sports.  Although Powerlifting is not (yet) an Olympic Sport, it can be seen at the World Games which is run every four years.

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