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Powerlifting Diet for Rock Hard Abs
The Rich Daniels Way

Powerlifting Bench Press Techniques

Submitted by: Richard Daniels

It seems a lot of people want the ripped abs and the power to go with it. In this article I will show you how I compete as a powerlifter and look like a bodybuilder. I have been lifting now for 14 years. It started like some, with the old school style of "bulking" to put on size and strength. I added some strength, but a lot of fat to go with it. Over the years I played with different diets and training programs trying to lose fat, increase muscle, and get stronger. Well I have come up with a simple plan that worked for me and helped me break the Florida state record in the deadlift. I eat pretty much like a bodybuilder and train with methods used by the famous "Westside Barbell". I have used their methods along with old school training and even some bodybuilding exercises added in. The diet I have put together is tailored to meet my body type and training needs. I don't believe there is a "one size fit's all " diet out there that is for everyone. You must learn your body and adapt the diet to fit your body's needs.

Here is the diet I use 8 weeks out from a powerlifting contest to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss:

meal 1: 8-10 egg whites,1/2 cup oatmeal,1 pc fruit

meal 2: protein shake or 2 can tuna

meal 3: 8 oz. skinless boneless chicken,1 cup green beans

meal 4: protein shake or tuna

meal 5: 6 oz. ground turkey,1/2 cup cooked brown rice

meal 6: protein shake or tuna

meal 7: 8 oz whiting,1 cup green beans or broccoli

The basic foods I stick with for the meals are tuna, egg whites, turkey, chicken, protein shakes,and whiting(fish low in fat). I keep fruits in the morning and vegetables at night. I avoid high GI carbs and late night carbs. At 8 weeks out I cut out all junk foods and make diet number one. Supplementing flax seed oil and other sources of polyunsaturated fats, helps to make sure I recieve the necassary amounts of good fats in my diet.


My training as I said is tailored to my training needs. I have a day for speed bench and speed squat. Seventy two hours later I have what is called a"max effort" workout for the bench and squat/deadlift. How do I know it works? I had no previous training in the deadlift. I had competed in the bench press for years, but one year I was resting from a shoulder injury. I had the bug to compete so I attacked the deadlift. My best off the floor was 365 at 180. After a few months of some goodmornings and rev-hypers I pulled 425. I knew this was nothing to brag about but it was progress. Well by the time I did my first deadlift contest a year had passed and I pulled 525 at 180 in front of the judges. That was March of this year. A few weeks later in May I dieted down and pulled a Florida state record 515 at 160. That same meet I actually pulled a 530 but got red lighted on a technical. Bottom line, I had put together a program that increased my strength and at the same time reduced my bodyfat.

Richard Daniels

"Motivation and discipline is the key to all success"

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