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Powerlifting Book Review
Powerlifting Basics, Texas-Style:
The Adventures of Lope Delk
By Paul Kelso

Powerlifting Bench Press Techniques

Sometimes it's better to learn from other people's mistakes and adventures. In "Powerlifting Basics, Texas-Style : The Adventures of Lope Delk", you'll not only learn from the successes and mistakes of others, but you'll have a good laugh at the same time.

The powerlifting isn't the only thing done "Texas Style" in this book. The dialect is also "Texas Style", which adds to the humor. Paul Kelso, takes an unusual approach to educating his readers through humorous stories, and events that may or may not have happened. Mr. Kelso has authored many articles and stories for top powerlifting publications. Anyone who has been around the sport for a while will recognize many of the characters, situations and hard lessons learned. Those lifters who have not been around the sport very long will benefit by recognizing these people and events in their careers much sooner than they may have otherwise.

Don't let the humor of Paul Kelso fool you. This book is as educational as it is funny. There are sample programs, bits of advice and lessons to be learned. So many people get into the sport and want that magic program that will make them a champion. Reading "The Adventures of Lope Delk" will teach readers that there is much more to powerlifting, competition and starting a club than just lifting weights and controlling your diet.

This book can be read in an evening, and appreciated for a lifetime. The book sells for $14.95, but the lessons learned are priceless.


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