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Powerlifting Humor

Powerlifting Bench Press Techniques


Everyone knows at least one powerlifter that still hangs on to a subscription to their favorite bodybuilding magazine. Training programs in these magazines generally don't apply to our sport. Ads are often for supplements that have been banned in natural powerlifting organizations. Steroids are a popular subject matter in several of these magazines, and we don't really want to build rock hard abs in six weeks. So what can you do with all of your old bobybuilding magazines? Well, here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't throw out these wonderful publications.

10. There is always something in the house that needs to be levelled. A strategically placed body building magazine has enough ads in it to raise the corner of your pool table, refrigerator or other appliance by as much as a half of an inch.

9. If your box seems to set a little bit too low for your box squats, simply adjust the height by stacking your old bodybuilding magazines on top of the box. This will save you from having to have several size boxes. You might want to run some duct tape over the edges of the magazine to prevent slipping off of the box.

8. Oragamy is a great hobby. What would be more fun than making a paper swan with the face of Jay Cutler after a hard workout.

7. A great resource if your pet gets sick in Mexico. These magazines are probably the only publication in America that will provide you with a complete listing of Mexican veterinary clinics.

6. Get rid of unwanted body hair. This is not a topic discussed much among powerlifters, but bodybuilders are pros. Imagine how much easier your bench press shirt will go on once you've tried the latest male body hair removal product listed on pages 7, 25, 84, 105, 188 and in the index of most bodybuilding magazines.

5. Fun with Photoshop. Simply take your favorite bodybuilder or fitness model and paste your face on. With a little help from the blur tool and clone stamping, you'll have everyone in the chat room believing that you're as big as Ronnie Coleman.

4. Sabotage your opponents by informing them that you've been using the giant pecs in 3 weeks program on page 99 and that's how you managed to get top lifter in your last 5 meets.

3. The slick finish is great for moving furniture on carpet.

2. Next time you order an Inzer bench shirt and you need packing materials to send it back, simply remove 15-20 pages, crumple neatly and stuff directly into the shipping box.

1. Ms. Fitness fold out posters.


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