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Powerlifting Humor

Powerlifting Bench Press Techniques


Like anyone, I like a good Halloween party. Sometimes times get tight though, and you don't have a lot of money to spend on elaborate costumes. Well we've got some good news for you. We have some great halloween ideas for powerlifters that won't break the bank. We're not suggesting that you go as a powerlifter, that's too obvious. We do have some suggestions on how to incorporate your gear though.

SKELETON : You've all seen the old skeleton costumes. On most people these would be boring and played out. Put this costume on a powerlifter though and you've got something truly comical, and the best part is that it is cheap. There's nothing like a skeleton with broad shoulders, giant thighs and a massive arms.

ACCIDENT VICTIM: This could be the cheapest costume of all. Start with one extremely heavy squat, followed by some massive deadlifts. If performed with the proper intensity, the bleeding nose, busted shins, blood red eyes and staggering walk will give the appearance of the survivor of a nasty accident.

CLASSIC SPOOK: If you are into using chains in your routine, you're set. Add a little of your hand chalk around any exposed skin and sling your chains over your shoulders and you look just like the ghost of powerlifters past.

KURT ANGLE: An experienced and successful powerlifter can pull this one off. You've got the muscle, the singlet, deadlift/wrestling shoes and a few gold medals. Now all you have to do is shave your head and keep saying, "It's true, it's true" and you are former Olympic gold medallist, Kurt Angle.

THE HULK: This one is very simple. 1. Buy some cheap green paint. 2. Throw on some clothes you used to wear before you started powerlifting and flex. 3. Paint any exposed skin once your clothes are sufficiently torn and you are instantly Lou Ferrigno himself.

FRANKENSTEIN: So you want to pull off a classic like it has never been done before. Powerlifters can pull this one off better than anyone. Break out that old suit of yours and a pair of work boots. Before putting them on, simply put on your squat suit, your bench shirt and knee wraps. Have someone help you get the suit on over top of this gear and you will have the Frankenstein walk down to perfection. To add to the effect, you'll grunt every time you need to bend over to pick something up or sit down. The discomfort will eventually drive you insane until you take out your rage on all of the town's people at the party. This could easily be the most frightening of all halloween costumes this year.


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